Betting system for soccer draws

A few weeks ago I decided to start new betting research. My idea is to see what happens in a match where one or both teams have consecutive draws in previous matches. In other words I bet on a draw if one or both teams have three consecutive draws in the previous three rounds. Also I bet on a draw when there are three consecutive draws in the matches between the teams

The idea is to look for consistency in the different teams. We all know when a team enters in a series how hard it is to come out. Of course, there is no way to be sure before I do my betting checks if I should start betting after the second or third consecutive draw. Some series end after the third game, others betting systemlast five and even six consecutive draws, which is a very good option for betting profit.

So far, I have managed to find 24 matches and eight of them ended in a draw again. Success rate of 33% and average odds of 3.5 tells nothing more than pure betting profit. Currently, my profit from the original bank is 13%, which after only 24 games is more than excellent.

But there is one thing associated with betting on bigger odds and it is the need to check a bigger number of matches before being certain that the betting system is successful or not. If you don’t do that, it is quite possible several successful bets in the beginning to trick you that the system is profitable and then to see your money gone when the reality comes to you.

The system has a huge problem and it is how hard it is to search for matches with consecutive draws. I don’t remember if I’ve done a more extensive research because I need to check each match separately.

In many betting sites there is available statistics for streaks and from there I can easily see if a team has made three draws in their last three matches. The problem is that I can’t find a site where I can see information about the streaks of head to head matches. Because of that I check each match manually.

Either way, there’s no better motivator than success and for now this betting system offers excellent results.

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