Betting on NFL matches

Betting on the NFL matches could be extremely useful and anyone who is actively involved with betting should review this option right away. The advantages of betting on NFL games are many, but I am going to mention three of them here.
Firstly, it is the large number of matches during the season and the fact that the matches are played almost every day. Let’s compare betting on American football with betting on soccer. A soccer team plays 40 matches throughout the season, with matches played mainly at weekends. One team in the NFL plays more matches and the matches are every few days. This allows the punter to monitor his bets and enables him to make and use different strategies for betting.

Another plus is the factbetting on nfl matches that every NFL match offers many betting options that players can use. For each match of the NFL a bettor can use more than 60 different options. Starting from a standard match winner and passing such possible bets as the most total scored part, will the first point be with a touchdown or otherwise, which team will get first to the tenth point and many more.

The third major betting advantage on the NFL matches is related to its immense popularity. Millions of people are interested in these games and this brings huge betting advantage. What is it? On the one hand, it reduces the odds as the bookmakers fight for more clients which makes them cut from the margin and thus increase your chances of winning.
Another great advantage for the punters who choose a very popular sport is that they can use the people willing to bet on the big favourite in a match. This is a well known betting phenomenon where people support the stronger team in a match despite the fact that the proposed rate is too low and doesn’t correspond to the real possibilities of the teams.

Of course, these are just some of the advantages that I see in betting on matches from the NFL. If you have not done this yet, check out what is available in the betting coupons for these matches and consider your own strategy for betting there.

Betting system for soccer draws

A few weeks ago I decided to start new betting research. My idea is to see what happens in a match where one or both teams have consecutive draws in previous matches. In other words I bet on a draw if one or both teams have three consecutive draws in the previous three rounds. Also I bet on a draw when there are three consecutive draws in the matches between the teams

The idea is to look for consistency in the different teams. We all know when a team enters in a series how hard it is to come out. Of course, there is no way to be sure before I do my betting checks if I should start betting after the second or third consecutive draw. Some series end after the third game, others betting systemlast five and even six consecutive draws, which is a very good option for betting profit.

So far, I have managed to find 24 matches and eight of them ended in a draw again. Success rate of 33% and average odds of 3.5 tells nothing more than pure betting profit. Currently, my profit from the original bank is 13%, which after only 24 games is more than excellent.

But there is one thing associated with betting on bigger odds and it is the need to check a bigger number of matches before being certain that the betting system is successful or not. If you don’t do that, it is quite possible several successful bets in the beginning to trick you that the system is profitable and then to see your money gone when the reality comes to you.

The system has a huge problem and it is how hard it is to search for matches with consecutive draws. I don’t remember if I’ve done a more extensive research because I need to check each match separately.

In many betting sites there is available statistics for streaks and from there I can easily see if a team has made three draws in their last three matches. The problem is that I can’t find a site where I can see information about the streaks of head to head matches. Because of that I check each match manually.

Either way, there’s no better motivator than success and for now this betting system offers excellent results.

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Minyor Pernik vs CSKA – Our betting prediction

Minyor Pernik and CSKA Sofia will play against each other in the fourth round of the Bulgarian Championship. The match will be played at the stadium in Svoge, which is located 60 km from Pernik, because the hosts were punished not to play on their stadium because of rioting in the previous match against Lokomotiv Sofia.

Maybe this is why the betting houses give an advantage for CSKA in this match. The odds for their victory are 1.95, which is too much in my opinion. CSKA has a problem with the licensing of their players and cannot use them until they pay an old debt to another club. Thus, all players who have been bought in the last two seasons cannot play in this match. This leaves lots of problems to the coach and the club management as they are forced to use youths to fill the group of players for the game against Minyor.

This explains the poor performance of my betting predictionCSKA players in the first three rounds of the championship. CSKA lost its first match by conceding a goal in the last seconds of the match against Litex Lovech. In the next two games the players gained only draws. Curiously, these are exactly the results of Minyor. They lost their first match with a goal in the last minute and then had two goalless draws.

So both teams have two points and a goal difference of 1:2.

Statistics shows that when the team of CSKA is with full line-up, they rarely have problems against their hosts today. Four times in the last seven matches ended with a victory for CSKA, once the match was a draw and twice the victory was for the players of Minyor. However, the situation today is quite different. Many main players of CSKA will not play in the game and that is why they don’t have an advantage in my opinion.

My betting prediction for this match is a victory for the hosts or a draw. The betting houses offer odds of 1.7 for this bet which satisfies me completely.

Here is a video from the last match between these two teams: